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Metal Tubes

Get To Know Us

We are an Engineering construction and consulting company providing highly skilled professional services in our  business areas, to the food and beverages industry, and also to other manufacturing establishments. With experience spanning over 30 years, we pride ourselves in the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our deliveries, not undermining our strong safety policy enshrined in our operations during the execution of all our various projects.


Our trim and effective outfit comprising of very well trained and qualified Engineers and Technicians makes us cost effective and places us at the cutting edge of providing optimal solutions and innovations In our core business areas   with guarantee that whatever projects we lay our hands upon, are executed in such a way that gives the client,  satisfaction and peace of mind while at the same time maintaining our own reputation and integrity. This being our    core value sustains us in business and assures continuity.

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“To be at the forefront of Nigerian Engineering service provider companies, delivering very high quality engineering services and projects to our client thereby consistently adding value to our clients and employees.”


“To brilliantly execute high quality projects that will consistently meet our client expectations."

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"To reach our goals by being very competitive in everything we do with a view of satisfying our clients and employees."

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